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Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials

MCAM Products

TIVAR® materials are UHMW-PE based engineering polymers used to solve problems related to friction, wear, material flow and corrosion.

TIVAR® polymers are produced using state-of-the-art compression moulding technology and ram extrusion. The TIVAR® range of specialised UHMW-PE products are a diverse group of high performing plastics. Designed to provide specific solutions to tough problems in demanding applications, with superior wear resistance and part life in both wet and dry environments.

For more than 35 years, Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials or MCAM (formerly Quadrant EPP) have been the world’s largest developer and producer of engineering polymers based on UHMW-PE. Modification and innovation of materials based on individual customer requirements and applications are a focus of their business.


TIVAR® materials have a solid performance record in numerous industries including:

Mining, Agriculture, Marine, Filling and Packaging, General Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Industry, Paper Industry, Food Production, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear Industry, Medical and Electrical Applications.


TIVAR® materials are renowned for excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, excellent impact strength, low coefficient of friction and high chemical resistance. TIVAR® materials experience zero moisture absorption and provide excellent noise abatement.


TIVAR® maintains key physical properties to -30° C.

Tivar 1000 Black_E-Plas Manufacturing_CNC Router 2
Tivar 88 Hoppers_Philiipines
Tivar gravel train lining_72dpi
Tivar Hopper_lined ready for installation
Tivar 88 on the docks_OS installation
Tivar 88_Hopper for mineral sands_ Round hopper pre-instal into main body
E-Plas_Tivar 1000 Natural lining_Hopper lined inner
Tivar lined truck_Tivar 1000 Black
Tivar 88 Giant Hopper
Tivar 88 installation
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