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Polycarbonates are polymers that contain carbonates endowing them with very good temperature resistance, excellent impact resistance and optical properties thus placing them between both commodity and engineering plastics. Palsun by top international manufacturer and innovators, Palram is premium grade Polycarbonate so you know you can fully rely on its crystal clarity and absolute strength.

A highly favoured engineering material, Polycarbonate is strong and tough with outstanding impact strength. An extremely durable material with high impact-resistance and excellent formability.

Polycarbonate is stronger than Acrylic and PMAA and holds up longer under extreme temperature. It is very easy to work, mould and thermoform. Polycarbonate thermoplastic polymers contain carbonate groups in their chemical composition which lend to their strength.

Polycarbonate is highly transparent and transmits light better than many types of glass and is an excellent replacement where shatter-proofing is priority. However, it has low scratch-resistance so in certain applications such as eye glass lenses or exposed exterior automotive parts such as motor vehicle light covers a hard coating is applied.

Polycarbonate has excellent formability setting it apart from many other thermoplastics. For example, where Acrylic is brittle, Polycarbonate can be deformed using sheet metal techniques at room temperature and not will not crack or break. Depending on the sharpness and radius of tight bends, in some cases it will still not require heating to form the shape.

Polycarbonate is an excellent prototyping material. Particularly when sheet metal is inappropriate such as where a part needs to be transparent or electrically non-conductive.



Proven Industry Performer

Machine Guarding, Personal Protective Gear, Automotive, Electrical / Electronics, Medical Technology, Architectural - Glass replacement, Construction, Security, Automotive, Industrial Lighting


  • Applications Requiring High Dimensional Stability

  • Electrical Insulators

  • Relay Components

  • Insulating Parts

  • Coil Bodies

  • Plugs

  • All Types of Lights / Rear Vehicle Lights

  • Apparatus Engineering Housings

  • Transparent Guards / Machine Guards

  • Glazing / Glass alternative

  • Bullet-proof lamination

  • Personal Safety: Eye Protection / Riot Shields

  • Sound Walls /Barriers

  • Protective Covers

  • Medical Consumables


  • Excellent impact strength

  • Weatherable

  • Easy to fabricate

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Meets required building codes

  • Self extinguishing

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Excellent light transmission

  • Excellent sound attenuation properties

  • Food industry approved for glazing and guarding applications

  • Excellent electrical insulation

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Polycarbonate Machine Guards
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