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Specially Modified UHMW-PE Continuous Lining
Ultra High Impact & Abrasion Resistant

QuickSilver® Heavy Duty is the ultimate liner for extreme, high abrasion liner applications.


A distinctive lime green, big brother of industry favourite QuickSilver® Truck Lining Systems,

QuickSilver® Heavy Duty has been modified and enhanced for the most demanding, high repetition tipping applications, optimising the liner’s longevity and performance.


QuickSilver® Heavy Duty has increased weight capabilities and is best suited for applications where highly abrasive materials contribute to extreme wear.


Available in 12mm thick coils and configurable to all sorts of truck bodies and container shapes, it is designed to manage with ease, materials such as gravel, rock, recycled glass and construction rubble applications which require eight or more trips per day.


For general tipper use QuickSilver® Truck Lining Systems is the star performer that has proven its top place nation-wide and the go to liner for most applications. However, taking it to a whole new level for high repeat management of aggressive, highly abrasive materials, QuickSilver® Heavy Duty is the ultimate lining choice for such applications. It has the best durability of any liner and will extend your tipper or container life for years.


QuickSilver® Heavy Duty can be fitted in less than one day and requires minimal maintenance. Any configuration from dump trailers and bottom dumps to gravel trains and transfer trailers. Breathe new life into worn equipment whilst dramatically reducing replacement costs.

Proven Industry Performer

Construction, Glass Recycling, Bulk Handling, Tippers, Mining & Minerals 



Very High Repeat Daily Usage and/or Extreme Wear from Heavy and Highly Abrasive Materials in Tipper Bodies / Dump Trailers, Bottom Dumps, Gravel Trains, Chutes, Transfer Dumps, Hoppers and More


Manage Highly Abrasive Materials

Construction Rubble, Recycled Glass, Gravel, Rock, Sand, Heavy Minerals



  • Designed / Engineered Specifically for Extreme Wear from Heavy, Highly Abrasive Materials     

  • Ultimate Toughness and Durability

  • Ultimate Abrasion Resistance

  • Long-life, High Repeat Hauling/ Tipping Highly Abrasive Substances

  • Super Slick Release - Eliminate Sticking Loads

  • No release additives. Release Agents in Liner

  • Dumps Clean. No Carry-back

  • Increased Truck and Driver Safety

  • Lighter than Aluminium and Steel

  • Any Climate or Environment

  • Fast, Easy Installation - Any Configuration

  • Continuous Liner Format

  • Huge Maintenance Reduction

  •  Manufacturer Technical Support

  • Great Long-Term Investment and Savings


Continuous Liner Full Coil Sizes

Unscored Roll  

12mm Thickness x 30m Length x 3.050m Width

Pre-scored Roll

12mm Thickness x 33m Length x 3.050m Width

E-Plas - Authorised Australian QuickSilver® Distributor

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