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Premium Grade

Tivar® DrySlide, a premium conveyor material, modified with special lubricants to provide optimum sliding friction properties. The sliding friction coefficient is approximately 35% lower than that of Tivar®  1000. Tivar® DrySlide has the lowest coefficient of friction of any of the Tivar® products.


In conjunction with its anti-static features and excellent wear properties, Tivar® DrySlide will succeed wherever previous materials have reached their limits.

Enhanced coefficient of friction and anti-static properties make Tivar® DrySlide an excellent performer in dusty environments. Enhanced surface lubricity protects the integrity of packaging and products. Even damp boxes or shrink-wrapped parcels will not stick and move freely without jamming from dirt, grit or static build-up.


Proven Bulk Handling Industry Performer

Power, Railcars, Parcel handling, Steel, Cement,

Chemical, Grain, Minerals & Metals


Lining Applications

  • Chutes

  • Hoppers

  • Silos

  • Storage bins

  • Surge bins

  • Drag chain and Screw conveyors

  • Bunkers

  • Front end loader buckets

  • Railcars

  • Off-road truck beds

  • Self-unloading bulk carrier ships

  • Reclaimer / Dragline buckets

  • Vibratory feeders / bin dischargers

  • Slider beds


Other Applications

  • Wear strips

  • Belt scrapers

  • Conveyor skirting

  • Chain conveyor flights



  • Anti-static

  • Excellent in dry and dusty conditions

  • Extremely low sliding friction coefficient

  • Very good wear properties

  • UV stabilised : No discolouring, no diffusion

  • Good sound insulation, considerably reduced chain squeaking

  • Reasonably priced alternative to Polyamide with lubricants

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