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Premium Grade

Tivar® Ceram P is an extremely wear resistant material which features outstanding high abrasion resistance. Incorporated micro glass beads enable Tivar® Ceram P to be used in demanding applications with higher mechanical loads: higher loads, higher speeds.


A distinctive avocado colour, Tivar® Ceram P is renowned for its performance in industrial applications where higher pressures and loads are required. An exceptional performer in sliding applications Tivar® Ceram P is a logical choice especially where low friction properties are prerequisite.


An ideal material in high speed applications, Tivar® Ceram P capably sustains operating speeds of <700 metres / minute.

Proven Bulk Handling Industry Performer

Pulp and Paper production, Mechanical Engineering, Conveying Industry, Filter Industry,  Power Transmission, Apparatus Engineering, Chemical, Environmental Engineering, Agriculture, Beverage, Bottling, Canning



  • Paper machines: Suction box covers and foils

  • Conveyor systems: Corner tracks and guide rails

  • Sliding elements in telescoping booms

  • Centrifugal pumps: Split rings - Pump bodies

  • Rotary filter systems: Wear plates and regulating discs

  • Corn forage and Silage trailers: Stalk rails

  • Harvesting equipment: Grain strippers

  • Forklifts: Slide shoes




  • High mechanical load rate

  • Extreme wear resistance

  • Very good sliding properties

  • Very good chemical resistance

  • High impact strength

  • Low maintenance

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