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Standard Grade

TIVAR® ECO Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene UHMW-PE shapes are produced from re-processed, industrial UHMW materials, and re-purposed for use in a variety of industries such as construction and heavy equipment, agriculture and grain handling, bulk material and parcel handling and automotive and transportation. As a premium grade this both economical and eco-friendly,


TIVAR® ECO UHMW-PE components exhibit excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, outstanding impact strength, minimal moisture absorption, and a low coefficient of friction. For these reasons,


TIVAR® ECO UHMW-PE is often a favored solution for wear and outrigger pads, strips, rails, and guides, rollers, conveyors, chutes, hoppers, impact plates, and asphalt equipment components.

TIVAR® ECO UHMW-PE only available in black.




  • Antistatic

  • Chemical resistant

  • High abrasion resistance

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