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Acrylic, has exceptional optical clarity, good weather resistance, impact strength, electrical properties and chemical resistance. Acrylics can be machined and vacuum formed, and are available in extruded and cast grades.

Having a specific gravity of 1.19 and transmitting light at a rate of 93%, Acrylic has long established itself as the material of choice in not only lighting and signage applications but also decorative displays.



Proven Industry Performer

Display, Design, Architectural, Decorative, Framing, Lighting, Signage, Chemical, Minerals, Electrical, Bathroom fittings, Boat fittings


  • Vacuum Chambers

  • Sight Glasses

  • Protective Covers,

  • Aeroplane Cockpit Windows

  • Bonnet and Headlight Protectors

  • Light Boxes

  • Illuminated Signs

  • Display Cases

  • Sunglass Stands

  • Boat Windows

  • Bathtubs and Vanity Basins

  • Domes

  • Chandeliers

  • Picture Frames

  • Aquarium Sheeting

  • Jewellery and Accessories


  • 8 times stronger than glass on impact

  • Excellent optical clarity

  • Ease of fabrication

  • Excellent range of colours and tints

  • Excellent refractive index of 1.49

  • Good chemical resistance

  • High hardness

Cast Acrylic tubes_Mining Research.jpg
Acrylic vacuum chambers.jpg
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