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Very High Temperature High Performance PEEK

Susta®PEEK is a very high performance temperature PEEK™ (Poly Ether Ether Ketone) formula.

It is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of chemical environments; even at elevated temperatures, although concentrated sulphuric acid dissolves PEEK™.

Susta®PEEK is a unique engineering material with a glass transition temperature of 143°C and a melting temperature of 343°C. Independent tests have shown PEEK™ exhibits a heat distortion temperature up to 315°C in glass fibre filled and a continuous use temperature of 260°C.


Susta®PEEK has excellent friction and wear properties which are optimised in the specially formulated tribological grade, which contains 10% Graphite, 10% PTFE and 10% Carbon Fibres.


Susta®PEEK is a highly stable polymer and requires no flame-retardants or additives to achieve a UL 94 V-O rating at 1.45mm thickness. The composition and inherent purity of PEEK™ results in extremely low smoke and toxic gas emission in fire situations.


Susta®PEEK is not chemically attacked by water or pressurised steam and retains a high level of mechanical properties.


Susta®PEEK has excellent electrical properties and low levels of extractable ionic species and outgassing.



Proven Industry Performer

Aerospace Industry, Chemical Engineering, Medical Technology, Teletronics, Transportation



Applications - Parts Exposed to High Temperatures, Mechanical Loads, X-Rays or Gamma Rays

  • Electric Insulators and Housings

  • Wire and Cable Insulation

  • Rotor Arms

  • Friction Discs and Seals

  • Shock Absorbers

  • Components for Analytical Equipment

  • Components for Dialysis Equipment

  • Valve Linings

  • Impeller Wheels for Pumps




  • Excellent hydrolysis and chemical resistance

  • Good tribological properties. FDA approved

  • Excellent radiation resistance to 1100 M RADS

  • Very Good continuous service temperature of +250C

  • Hardly inflammable and self-extinguishing. Flammability meets UL V0

  • Extremely low smoke density

  • Low coefficient of linear thermal expansion

  • Good electrical insulating properties over a broad temperature range

  • Excellent dimensional stability. High dimensional stability under heat

  • Optimised balance of stiffness, tensile and impact strength

  • Outstanding sliding properties

  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance

  • Low creep tendency

  • Good machinability and thermoformability

  • Good adhesive properties

  • Good weldability

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