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6G Cast Nylons

Sustamid® also known as Polyamide (PA), Nylon is a partially crystalline thermoplastic and is known as the workhorse of engineering plastics due to its variety of properties.

Because of its good mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, chemical, thermal and low friction properties, it has earned a reputation as an excellent bearing material. Hardness and strength, toughness and tenacity are the combination that makes Sustamid® Nylon so versatile and the solution for many difficult applications.

Sustamid® 6G MO being a modified grade of nylon and is a distinctive black colour due to the inclusion of molydium suphide.


Proven Industry Performer

Mechanical Engineering, Offshore, Electrical, Electronics, Vehicle Construction / Automotive Industries: Cars, Trucks, Forklifts, Conveying, Heavy Crane Industry, Repetition Machining, Heavy Haulage, Dairy Industry, Meat Works, Food Processing, Bottling



  • Sliding Parts

  • Cable Winches

  • Lifting Gears

  • Rope Pulleys

  • Conveyor Stars

  • Spiral Conveyors

  • Insulation bushing

  • Gears & Sprockets

  • High speed chain guides that exceed 100 feet per minute

  • Crane pulleys ( sheaves )

  • Bearing both in linear and circular

  • High impact pile driving

  • Bearing pads

  • High load packing blocks up to 13 ton per square inch of load bearing

  • Meat Works

  • Bottling

  • Truck pads and shackle bushes



  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Very good mechanical strength

  • Very good chemical, thermal and low friction properties

  • Excellent bearing material

  • Excellent short-term and long-term heat resistance

  • High stiffness at elevated temperatures

  • High creep resistance, especially at elevated temperatures

  • Outstanding toughness

  • Excellent fatigue behaviour

  • Good resistance to chemicals

  • A high PV rating

  • Very good co-efficient of friction

  • Excellent electrical insulation properties

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