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Performance Enhanced Nylon

Sustaglide® is a highly modified caprolactum grade, incorporating a lubricating "particulate matrix" that is evenly distributed throughout the polymer that further reduces the sliding coefficient of friction.

Sustaglide® is Green in colour.

This grade has 5 times higher Pressure-Velocity capability over standard Sustamid® PA6 G type.

According to EC and FDA regulations, Sustaglide® is suitable for use in contact with food.


Proven Industry Performer


Mechanical Engineering, Offshore, Electrical, Electronics, Vehicle Construction / Automotive Industries: Cars, Trucks, Forklifts, Conveying,

Heavy Crane Industry, Repetition Machining, Heavy Haulage, Dairy Industry, Meat Works, Food Processing, Bottling



  • Insulation bushing

  • Sliding Parts Under High Load: Wear Pressure Plates

  • Slide Bearings

  • Journal Bearings

  • Gears & Sprockets

  • High speed chain guides that exceed 100 feet per minute

  • Crane pulleys ( sheaves )

  • Bearing both in linear and circular

  • High impact pile driving

  • Bearing pads

  • High load packing blocks up to 13 ton per square inch of load bearing

  • Meat works

  • Beverage

  • Truck pads and shackle bushes



  • Specialised sliding additives enable higher loads and sliding face temperatures

  • Optimum performance - Low coefficient of friction

  • Optimum performance - Wear capacity Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Very good mechanical strength

  • Very good chemical, thermal and low friction properties

  • Excellent bearing material

  • Excellent short-term and long-term heat resistance

  • High stiffness at elevated temperatures

  • High creep resistance, especially at elevated temperatures

  • Outstanding toughness

  • Excellent fatigue behaviour

  • Good resistance to chemicals

  • A high PV rating

  • Very good co-efficient of friction

  • Excellent electrical insulation properties

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