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Rochling Sustaplast Products

Rochling Sustaplast is a world renowned manufacturer of Engineering Plastics in the form of rod, sheet and tube utilising the technology of the world’s largest resin makers to provide a wide variety of Thermoplastic stock shapes.

These high performance and engineering plastics have applications ranging from mechanical engineering and food and beverage to bearings and components, properties that excel in electrical applications to medical environemnets. The scope of properties and potential industry applications is vast but one thing is constant, extremely high quality, reliable specialised plastics that are most fit for task.

E-Plas is proud to be an authorised Australian Distributor for Rochling Sustaplast range of products, that includes Sustamid® Nylon, Susta®Vacu Vacuum Formable Glass Reinforced Nylon Sustarin® Acetal, Sustanat® Polycabonate, Sustadur® PETP, Sustadur® PET GOLD 130 and SustaPEEK®.




Sustamid Nylon Tension Rollers
Sustarin C Natural Acetal
Sustamid Nylon Rollers
Sustaplast Engineering Plastics
Sustarin C Acetal - POM
Sustamid Nylon on Wash Press
Sustarin C Acetal
Sustaglide Nylon
Sustamid 6GOL Sleeves

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Sustaglide Nylon

Sustaglide® is a highly modified caprolactum grade of Nylon, incorporating a lubricating "particulate matrix" that further reduces sliding coefficient of friction. Sustaglide® is Green in colour and meets FDA and EC standards for is suitable for use in contact with food. Sustaglide performance enhanced Nylon is available from E-Plas.

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