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Sustarin® C - AS - Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD)

SUSTARIN C - AS (ESD) is a specially modified grade that is electrostatic dissipative thus having low conductivity.

EMI or Electromagnetic Interference in the radio-frequency (rf) range consists of undesirable rf signals superimposed on a wanted signal. These signals may originate from a device intended to transmit or from a device not intended to transmit, but with components that are transmitters in the rf range.

The method for measuring the EMI of a device is given in Appendix C of (US) FCC Methods of Measurement of Radio Noise Emissions for Computing Devices, available from the FCC (United States Federal Communications Commission) Office of Science and Technology, Washington. D.C.

SUSTARIN® C - AS is compliant to FCC regulations for the protection of rf sensitive components. The result is no accumulation of electrostatic charge in a non-conductor.

Fields of application: hospital electronic patient controller, computer hardware.




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