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Sustamid® PA6 GLU - Dry Sliding Additive

SUSTAMID® PA6 - GLU is another modified caprolactum grade but with an incorporated "dry" internal lubricant that is evenly distributed throughout the polymer in the form of microscopic powder.

SUSTAMID® PA6 - GLU is a distinctive Red in colour.

PROPERTIES: Unlike the GOL grade that relies on a thin liquid lubricating film to enhance the slip properties of the material, SUSTAMID® PA6 - GLU has a dry lubricant additive that is better suited to dust and dirt environments. It is ideal in applications that have extremely intermittent Pressure/Velocities such as "stop-start" motions where a constant lubricant is required and will not provide a "stick-slip" phenomena.

APPLICATION: Medium load and speed applications especially slide or wear applications which are beyond the capabilities of Tivar® materials.

Only on special request. Minimum Order Quantities.