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Sustarin® Acetals

SUSTARIN® Acetals, also known as PolyOxyMethylene or PolyFormaldehyde, are available in two types, Copolymer and Homopolymer, and both are highly crystalline linear thermoplastic polymers.

They exhibit predictable mechanical, chemical and electrical properties over a broad temperature range for long periods of time. The high crystallinity of SUSTARIN® Acetals impart excellent creep resistance under continuous load and fatigue endurance under repeated loading and unloading cycles.

Unfilled grades are hard, strong and stiff; have good toughness although, they show some notch sensitivity. Low coefficient of friction and good chemical resistance are also standard features combined with their inherent dimensional stability.

SUSTARIN®Acetals, homopolymer and copolymer, are available in a number of commercial stock shape grades each having specific properties however; Copolymer grade has the better broad range optimum benefits.

Frank Brown and Frank Bernardinellitt of Celanese Corporation developed acetal copolymer in 1959 however; Celanese was later incorporated into the German company Hoechst, to become Hoechst Celanese and later, Ticona. It is recognised under the trade name of Celcon® / Hostaform®. Homopolymer was developed by Dupont de Nemours and is recognised under the trade name of Delrin®.

SUSTARIN® Copolymer has a tendency to be more popular among European processors and homopolymer likewise with North American processors. Although there appear to be only a few differences between homopolymer and copolymer from an application standpoint, copolymer has exceptionally good resistance to strong alkalies and hot water hydrolysis.