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Premium Grades - TivarŽ UHMW-PE

TivarŽ UHMW-PE Premium Grades were developed to solve problems in specific applications in a number of defined industries.

Industries as diverse as mining, medical, power transmission, paper production, food and pharmaceutical, now have grades that solve particular problems that were inherent.

Quadrant EPP, excels in the optimising and continued development of the TivarŽ materials tailored to individual requirements. Polymer know-how, modern processing technology as well as close co-operation with customers, represent the key to providing application-specific solutions, the result being the TivarŽ  Premium UHMW-PE range.

Grades with improved sliding properties, wear and abrasion resistance are CERAM P, SuperPlus, CleanStat, DrySlide, Special DS, Oil Filled and Xtended Wear are examples of this continued development.

The information provided here on these grades should be sufficient in most instances however, should further information be required please contact your nearest E-Plas sales office.