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Standard Grades - TivarŽ UHMW-PE

TivarŽ range of UHMW-PE (ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) products comprises a number of grades, all of which have been designed to meet the requirements of specific applications and are classified as premium grades however, standard TivarŽ 1000 is the "workhorse" grade and the basis for all other TivarŽ grades.

With increased resin development we have seen the performance levels of "standard" grades surpass those that were once classified as performance grades 10 years ago. Increases in molecular weight and crosslinking have attributed to the massive increase in performance in all grades and at all levels.

For the majority of applications, the quality of TivarŽ and the performance levels of the standard grades will satisfy most requirements however, for increased performance, please refer to the premium grades of TivarŽ.

Quadrant EPP is the worlds largest manufacturer of UHMW-PE and therefore is able to offer a very large range of sheet sizes, thicknesses, grades, other shapes such as rods, tubes and profiles are also available.

Please download the TivarŽ catalogue.